In the new Persefume‘s “He says, she says” by Jakub and Aleksandra we do focus on Affinessence – French brand founded by Sophie Bruneau – experienced Marketing Director who after work for many various brands, decided to establish her own fragrance house.

Sophie Bruneau

In 2015 The Base Notes Collection of four scents been born, later joined by two next creations. Luxurious, focused only of base notes and most of all – offering truly long-lasting scents composed with the highest quality ingredients

First four Affinessence fragrances, later joined by Cuir-Curcuma and Musc-Amber Gris

Fragrances as art which offer a genuine “sensual signature”. Multi-faceted, but above all linear. With an infallible persistence and with a trail that stands apart from any other ! Mesmerising, full and complete perfumes, with force and charisma, but still sensitive, even ultra-sensitive. Carnal, with regressive notes (those notes hidden in your childhood or past memories, but which are still so familiar). Comfortable perfumes, rolled up into themselves, reassuring. Comforting when you breathe them in, whether you bury your nose in cashmere or in a woman’s hair. Enveloping perfumes with real animal warmth, that capture you and don’t let go. Show-stopping perfumes, capable of provoking strong emotions…to share.

Lets test them all!
(since names of fragrances appear online both in English and French, here we present two naming versions)


AFFINESSENCE has selected three Natural Essences of CEDAR (Moroccan Atlas, Texas and Virginia) and blended them with precision to enhance the vibrancy of the most precious and refined Natural ingredient: Pallida IRIS or Florentine Iris Absolute. A drop of Benzoin and a dash of Myrrh mellow and soften this woody-powdery base with their tender caress, while Gaiac Wood, bolstered by Incense, turns its natural restlessness into an almost electric energy. This is a fragrance that will stir the senses to their very depths with its breathtaking fusion of sophisticated, intensely lingering scent and Musky sensitivity.
Perfumer: Nicolas BONNEVILLE.

He – Pure cedar joined by precious iris and hint of spices, especially myrrh and cinnamon. Very majestic, bold creation which truly evokes high quality image of the brand. Impressive.

She – The holy base of many cedar fragrances. The tree is multi-faceted here, dry, sharp, even green for a second. The pencil-like quality of it is smoothly covered by powdery, sweet film of iris. The surprising thing is that this mixture is not cold at all – I think it’s the addition of beautiful, sacred myrrh essence that makes the difference. The scent is deep and comforting, ideal for cold weather conditions.


A first in perfumery and originating from Kerala, TURMERIC has been used for the first time in a perfume by AFFINESSENCE. A milky note enhances the precious turmeric root, causing an explosion of the delicious spicy aromas of « Turmeric Latte », a beverage that has been drunk for thousands of years in India and also known as Golden Milk. While Myrrh, Sandalwood and Patchouli offer their distinctive scents, a wonderful note of full-grain LEATHER takes over the composition, imposing its powerful animal character. Delicious luxury and sultry sensuality compete with one another in this addictive bouquet with its bold scent. Perfumer: Alexandra Carlin

He – I could easily recognize tumeric here – perhaps due to my cooking experience. Milky, soft – though in the later stage of development Cuir-Curcuma is more about warm amber and sensual leather. It feels golden, precious, smells like no other.

She – If you are not – like me – a fan of harsh, outstanding leather notes, this one may interest you. If you are, then it may be worth exploring for another reason, which is simply its beauty and radiance. When I first sniffed it I was sure the stickers were swapped and this is rather the musc-ambre gris note, but no. On further inspection I detected both cuir and curcuma, but it’s the soft, sunny background of sandalwood that creates the warm aura of this perfume. The mild, creamy and buttery flow is lit by a touch of spice and it lasts for hours. The thing is absolutely delicious. One of the best fragrances I met in 2017!


Known for its distinctive scent, AMBERGRIS is even more precious when « aged » as its qualities are enhanced after floating for years under the sun of the Pacific Ocean. AFFINESSENCE has chosen the exceptional quality of this scent, using it generoulsy enough to express its powers of irresistible attraction. While AMBERGRIS diffuses an animal warmth and a mineral freshness, a burst of Black Musk and White Truffle accentuate the « hot and cold » effect, creating a tingling sensation. Yerba Mate, Patchouli and Vetiver from Haiti highlight the exuberant scent of this striking that you’ll want to breathe in until overdose.

He – Mineral amber, salty, somehow both wild and cozy. It is on more delicate side, but brings so needed comfort. Lovely work.

She – Heavy, salty and fat, the fragrance smokes with almost rubbery vibe, thick and dense. Perhaps that’s why I found it more lathery than allegedly so Cuir-Curcuma – and I still feel this rough leather note, something like a very stiff wolf fur. Still, the wolf had to live somewhere along an ocean shore, as the saltiness is quite vivid here.


Nestled at the heart of Indonesia and considered unaffordable in today’s perfumery, Natural AGAR WOOD is a veritable treasure in the world of art perfumery. AFFINESSENCE has chosen to combine this with a magnificent Essence of PATCHOULI, enabling new facets of its famed scent to burst forth. Enhanced by a dazzling myriad of Natural Ingredients (Vetiver from Java, Cistus and Labdanum, Elemi and Incense, Gaiac Wood and Tree Moss), this duo explodes on the senses, while the revisited Patchouli develops a luxurious trailing scent. Perfumer: Nicolas BONNEVILLE.

He – Oud is not the main actor here – think more about woody patchouli! With so real smell and sensual, wintery aura. Absolute must-smell for patchouli lovers!

She – What an exquisite patchouli! Definitively a cool type, working wonders together with slightly antiseptic oud note. In time it gets even more transparent and almost refreshing – like a breeze but with no watery aspect, which is absolutely great. There’s also a pinch of vetiver here which contributes to the overall greenish haze of this perfume.


Of the diverse qualities of SANDALWOOD, Mysore Essence remains both the most wonderful and the rarest. AFFINESSENCE has combined its infinitely sensual, carnal, milky notes with BASMATI, one of the most fragrant varieties of rice in the world. Bold and exquisite, this close-knit duo is entwined in a lacy layer of Patchouli, Iris and Cashmeran, forming a bewitching perfume that leaves an addictive, classy trail Perfumer: Alexandra CARLIN.

He – Again, cozy, spicy fragrance where creamy sandalwood meets warm and milky basmati. Relatively close to skin which in this case is a real plus. Pure bliss.

She – the ultimate comfort, relaxing fragrance. The creaminess of sandalwood is enhanced by a cuisine note of basmati – I find it too steamy and overwhelming in many fragrances, but here it’s perfectly in balance, like a precious ingredient that is so potent the chef knows it mustn’t be overdosed. Cashmeran ads a final purr to this fragrant lullaby.


To showcase this exceptional marriage, AFFINESSENCE has combined two types of VANILLA (Tahitian Vanilla Absolute, intensely fragranced with leather overtones and the sweet scent of Madagascan Vanilla Absolute) and blended them with an exquisite alter ego: Siamese BENZOIN, a fragrant Resin originating in Laos, highly valued for its balsamic and almond notes. As Ambroxan, enfolded in Tonka Bean and Moroccan and Chinese Cedar, exudes its carnal notes, the Benzoin transcends the Vanilla with its intoxicating scent as if to better diffuse its spellbinding trail. Perfumer: Corine CACHEN.

He – Fluffy vanilla, hint of tonka and benzoin. Elegant, soft, perhaps the most delicate in the range. Perfect for layering.

She – The least favourite of the series for me, as I am not very fond of Benzoin, especially with tonka bean added – its either this legume or me. Still, this is an interesting concoction: the resin enhances bitter and inedible facets of vanilla to the extent it starts resembling something much more dangerous and voluptuous like a carnal flower of fleshy petals. Nice work!

His verdict: Amazing concept, equally amazing excecution. Fragrances all about base notes, but at the same time not being just one-dimensional monoliths. It is hard to impress me nowadays, but this is truly good collection. Bravo, Sophie Bruneau, bravo Affinessence!

Her verdict: I absolutely admire the idea behind the brand – to create fragrances made solely of base notes. All these often unnecessary additions of air, water, flowers and fruits are removed here leaving us with the solid, the stable, the invincible – the base, strong from the very start, unchangeable (well, that’s a joke, these fragrances speak and tell a story). I highly recommend testing it and personally I already prepare a place on my shelf for at least one of them 🙂

All Affinessence creations are available as Eaux de Parfum 100ml, 335 EUR in the luxurious black-lacquered wood-coffret with pouch from the online store and selected top-retailers (Harrods, Osswald Zurich, Jovoy, Luckyscent, Galilu to name the few).

And now GIVEAWAY TIME – thanks to the brand, we have worldwide draw of two Discovery Sets comprising of 6 x 2ml Affinessence spray samples presented in velvet pouch and magnetized box. To enter, please comment this post telling which fragrance speaks to you the most. Comments are moderated, will appear after our approval. Deadline until 26th July, we will choose two winners via and announce them day later under this post. Best luck and lot of love from Persefume!

Photos, samples and quotes – Affinessence. Opinions our own.