Our new Persefume‘s “He says, she says” column by Jakub and Aleksandra is dedicated to the very interesting collection and our recent, unexpected discovery: Beneath the Surface by Slovakian house 1907. We have been hearing great things about this line and this year’s Esxence meeting with 1907 Founder, Evka Skovranova has only confirmed it – kudos to our Friend Juraj Sotošek-Rihtarec of BL’eauOG for connecting us!

1907’s Founder – Evka Skovranova, photo by the brand

Evka Skovranova is not a beginner in the niche industry – perfume passion runs in the family for generations, she is also the owner of successful Slovakian 1907 perfumeries in Bratislava and Kosice.

In 1907 grandmother was born…1907 is heritage, homage and continuity that life wrote at the aristocratic court. The grandparents of 1907’s founder had a close relationship with countess Stepan, and count Andrassy. Grandmother supplied the counts court with cosmetics, which she made herself with a lot of care and love. She was always searching for ways how to bring infinite beauty with nature’s help. Her recipe for violet-lily eau de cologne, her granddaughter Evka guards with love till today. A visit to a small perfume creator in Grasse, and meeting with the noses, gave the impulse for the renaissance of her grandmother’s soul. 1907 decided to preserve the beauty of the idea, link it to tradition with the symbol of the Lilly, incarnate the purity and nobility. 1907 is going back in time, with new ingredients, with similar passion. 1907 started the most demanding path. The path of Niche. We produce a limited amount, exactly as grandmother did in the past. – Note from the brand

Beneath the Surface collection consists of only two pure Perfumes launched in 2018 as strictly limited project – only 1000 pieces are being produced per year. They are both rich, high-quality scents with retro feel, no compromises here. Let’s review them below.

We are living our life, revealing some parts of it, deeply hiding other parts. We guard and shield that what it’s beneath the surface, under our skin. Our inner world is full of untold things, ideas, emotions, images. We try to fulfil our aspirations, expectations, trying to adapt and merge. Our deepest secrets we reveal only to those that have our fullest trust. Sometimes we are even afraid to reveal them to ourselves. How we really live our life, and who we really are is hidden beneath the surface.


Who is Genevieve? Unbroken by milieu and circumstances, self-confident and balanced woman. She lives the life according to her own conceptions. Decisive and elegant, strong. She knows that the right decision is always that decision which moves her closer to her aim.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Aldehydes, Clove, Petitgrain
Middle Notes: Orris, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lily of the valley
Base Notes: Vetyver, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vanilla, White musk

He – Oh my! Smelling Genevieve for the first time was a huge surprise! Monumental, so complex scent with the vintage feel and nuclear longevity, it transports you to the past era of evening gowns, furs, balls and tuxedos. Aldehydes, ylang and retro chypre – Genevieve is both animalic and floral, opulent and larger than life. Nowadays, only few modern niche houses (e.g. Dusita and Papillon Perfumery) can deliver distinct perfumes with retro vibes and 1907 Genevieve proudly joins this special club. P.S. Men can definitely pull it off, prepare to get noticed.

She – Genevieve is such a beautiful, complex scent. Huge and inspiring but not over the top. Very classy. Without looking at the notes, the first thing I notice is narcissus – it’s masterfully rendered here without using the very ingredient. Then it’s just flowery and musky heaven, and very long lasting, too. Definitively an old school perfume, but still – I am impressed!


Emotions, perceptions, images, negativity, positivity – everything what is put down inside us in layers. Layer by layer, piece by piece, in different colours and hues. These layers are what shape us, create us and our soul. There is nothing so deep inside us as everything that we have put there by ourselves.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Davana, Jasmine, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Violet, Patchouly, Lily of the valley, Rose, Orris
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka bean, White musk

He – Not as loud as Genevieve – this perfume has more nostalgic feel. Smell of cold violets and powdery, rooty iris on cozy, woody base. Long-lasting, but with moderate sillage, it is scent perfect for romantic evenings, or nights when we want to use perfumes just for ourselves. Solid work.

She – I would wear this perfume if I wanted to impress someone who judges people by the amount of money they are able to ignore. It’s rich in iris and orris particles, creating strong yet powdery column of perfumed air, accompanying the wearer like an open seventh chakra, full od white light with a violet hue. It’s quite impressive, kind of sacred, high and subliminal. And for those who not only watch, but actually see, it has a connection with the green, moist light of the heart.

Both scents are available as pure Perfumes (20% concentration) in 50ml spray bottles each hand-blown by local artisans. Retails include 1907 e-store and authorized stockists such as Essenza Nobile (Germany), Shy Mimosa Perfumery (UK) among others. Reccomended price: 170 EUR.


Photo by brand

Thanks to 1907’s genorosity, we are offering full 50ml bottle of our favourite Genevieve to one lucky reader! (2,5ml spray sample of Mon Ame will be also included) Which of two those two scents appeal to you the most? What are your beloved retro/vintage perfumes?
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