Pitti Fragranze is coming, just some final preparations and tomorrow Persefume will again participate in this special weekend full of artistic scents and accompanying meetings.
The September gathering in Florence and Milanese Esxence – The Scent of Excellence earlier in Spring are the major Italian events celebrating the world of niche perfumery. Time passes so quickly – in our Esxence A-Z novelties report, I have teased our the best-of list which at the end, due to many detailed reviews, articles and other work arrangements has not been published. But to close this chapter and start with really fresh novelties plus to be able to report live from Pitti Fragranze with open heart, I will happily present you debuting creations which touched me back in Spring and which I have worn all Summer long. This list is now different and shorter than previous draft waiting so long in my laptop – time made it definitely more selective and personal.

Atelier des OrsWhite Collection and Bois Sikar (already reviewed by me and Aleksandra) proved the this house is again all about quality. Their spicy and sensual Crépuscule des Âmes has become one of my favourite evening out creations.

Atelier des Ors Crépuscule des Âmes

Stefania Squeglia‘s Mendittorosa and Talismans perfumes have special place in my heart and both Talismans Sirio with its boozy rose, apple and plum plus orange blossom sweetness of Mendittorosa Lacura (both composed with Flair Paris duo) have shown new, surprising facets of this amazing brand from Naples – look for our more detailed review soon.

Talismans Sirio

Altough I did not love all previous Angela Ciampagna creations, I find her last De Vita collection (with Laetitia, Miracula and Materia) celebrating life, death and miracles simply spectacular – our Persefume review is also coming shortly (yes – our new plan is to update this site much more often!).

Angela Ciampagna De Vita collection – photo by Roberto Greco

Laurent Mazzone’s LM Parfums Radikal Collection with Radikal Iris, Radikal Water Lily and Radikal Lotus has been touching experience due to Mr Mazzone’s collaboration with talented Mattias Lindblom who from now on will be also involved in the future LM Parfums projects. And yes, LM Parfums Hysteric will see its global launch at Pitti!

LM Parfums Radikal

Olibere Paris had very strong Spring launches with seven new creations by Luca Maffei – which will be more available from late September. Leather Attraction, Dangerous Rose and Chemical Love became my real addictions.

Olibere Les Mythiques Extraits

UÈRMÌ Fragrance Collection has been neglected by me for way too long – but this Summer I have fallen in love with OR ± Damask by iconic Maurice Roucel – both classic and classy rose with a twist.

UÈRMÌ Fragrance Collection OR ± Damask

Franck Boclet Crime turned out to be truly sexy, it is not too common to combine both chocolate and oud!

Franck Boclet Crime

Nishane Colognise (with perfumer Jorge Lee) – so summery citrus, but in innovative Extrait de Cologne concentration. Its fans would be happy that it will be finally launched at Pitti Fragranze in new, more noble packaging (see below).

Nishane Colognise – the final packaging

Speaking of citrus, Perris Monte Carlo‘s Italy Collection was my weapon again this Summer’s heat – especially felt in love with sparkling Cedro di Diamante.

Perris Monte Carlo Italy Collection – Photo by Roberto Greco

When it comes to Esxence brand debuts, last week I have tested Wide Society – wise, travel-inspired and affordable fragrances by founders of The Different Company. And glad I did – more on this very soon!

Wide Society’s Aqua Travelis – the real anti-jetlag fragrance

Also along my post-Esxence/Summer favourites in no particular order:

Neela Vermeire’s Niral
Carner Barcelona’s Oriental Collection: Ambar del Sur, Botafumeiro, Megalium
– warm, comforting Maison Gabriella Chieffo‘s Lattedoro
– crazy banana by Blackbird: Y06-S
– surpising, green floral: Gustave Eiffel Parfums La Rivière des Parfums (review is coming next week)
– innovative Histoires de Parfums En Aparte trio and This is not A Blue Bottle 1.4/1.5 – all soon in our “He says, she says”
Extrait d’Atelier Maître Céramiste
Masque Milano Act II Scene III (homage to) Hemingway
– L’Indigène by Maison Thibaud Bourhala
Simone Andreoli Diario Olfattivo Malibu. So realistic, so exotic – I really like the progress of this Italian perfumer, another brand to fully cover by our “He says, she says”.

Simone Andreoli Diario Olfattivo Malibu

What I can’t wait to smell at Pitti Fragranze 2018?

Pitti Fragranze 2018

For sure new creations by Filippo Sorcinelli, LM Parfums Hysteric, two new BDK Parfums, Antonio Alessandria (the final version of Fara), Olivier Durbano, Aether, Santi Burgas and the new Jardins d’Ecrivains trio which has been already praised by my friends! And as always, I am waiting to be surprised!

UNUM _but_not_today

Jardins d’Ecrivains Alcools, Howl and Exil

With this post, I am leaving to Florence – and will see you with fresh news from Pitti Fragranze! Please follow our social media channels not to miss anything! Of course, look for our signature A-Z Pitti novelties list and mine and Aleksandra‘s reviews later on! Lot of Persefume love!