Do your remember one of the first Persefume‘s posts- our announcement of the new SOTD: Illegal Facebook group?
More than half a year passed since its start and this creative, small and friendly community is still going strong!
What the SOTD: Illegal is about? The idea is plain simple: just stick unnamed vial of fragrance to lamp post, wall, tree… you name the place and location and let people enjoy the smell afterwards!
What would be the future of this sample, who is going to take it? All those questions remain unknown (no cameras involved, haha), but for sure this “fragrant graffiti” is making people curious and hopefullly brings smile on their face. Not to mention the educational factor of this olfactory expression!

SOTD: Illegal was created by Antonio Gardoni – artist and nose behind Bogue Profumo and gained great feedback from fragrance lovers all over the world including several perfumers and bloggers.

“Spreading scents around the world. Olfactory graffiti
No recognizable bottles/ brands – stick a scent to a lamp post, share pics, spot them around!
The world as an open source of scents, odors, perfumes and fragrances.
Share your favorite scents, decant your Scent Of The Day in a sample vial or in an anonymous spray bottle, stick it with some tape to a lamp post, a tree, a balustrade, a traffic light. make the world a nice smelling place.
No advertising, no visible brands or recognizable bottles.
Take a picture, tell us the location and the content.”
Manifesto of SOTD: Illegal

See some of SOTD: Illegal pictures below – let’s take the fragrant journey:

Location: Expo 2015, Milano. Photo: Antonio Gardoni’s “non-rose, rose” perfume.

Location: Temple church, Bristol. Photo: Antonio Gardoni who placed there experimental Cedramber – Benzoin creation.

Location: Milano Central Station. Photo: Antonio Gardoni’s contemporary Swiss aromatic bomb.

Location: Bordighera, Italy. Photo: Antonio Gardoni. Scent: camphor + opponax under a camphor tree.

Location: Great Eastern St, London. An old vetiver by Antonio Gardoni

Perfumer Liz Moores of Papillon Perfumery placed vintage Mitsouko extrait close to her studio. London.

Massimiliano Sala put unnamed Dzongkha by L’Artisan Parfumeur – Via Mecenate, Milano.

Keywan Mashhadi – blogger of Pierre de Nishapur and one of his SOTD:Illegal installations including Mousseline by Osmo Perfumery. Architecture department, Ankara, Turkey.

Amsterdam: corner Leidsestraat / Prinsengracht. Arabian rose placed by Cindy Lensvelt.

JTD of Scenthurdle : Vintage Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Tresor Prijs – writer, blogger, star of the recent MAC Campaign and her photo of unnamed vials of Chanel Sycomore, Amouage Opus VI and Bogue Maai, Canada.

Perfumer Bruno Fazzolari – Puig’s Quorum at Café Flore, Castro District, San Francisco.

Alex Musgrave aka The Silver Fox and Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne. Edinburgh, UK.

Curious to see more pictures? Or perhaps do you have your own idea where to place the vial to suprise people around and to add more to the existing odors landscape?
Join the open SOTD: Illegal group and follow next Persefume’s post – we support and love the idea since the day one!

Pictures taken from SOTD:Illegal, kindly shared by group’s contributors. All rights reserved.