Laurent Mazzone – Founder and Creative Director of LM Parfums is preparing completely new collection for the upcoming Esxence – The Scent of Excellence. LM Parfums is one of the most innovative fragrance houses on the market, with consistent, mysterious image, surprising creations and great artistic collaborations. Last year Veleno Doré made our hearts beat faster and this Spring it is time for Radikal: three fragrances based on three mythical flowers.

Laurent Mazzone (right) with Mattias Lindblom,

For the Radikal line, Laurent Mazzone has teamed up with his friend and inspiration: Mattias Lindblom – Swedish composer, writer and music producer, the lead singer of iconic band Vacuum. This emotional collaboration resulted in three Radikal fragrances: Iris, Lotus and Water Lily.


My yesterday dark
The link between heaven and earth, darkened details of absolute flower. A pure touch of immaculate, luxurious memories. Before to late, answers questions shaping the adventure. Infused with intoxicating galbanum, bergamot, baie rose pepper, the magic of the embraced butter iris safely warms the blend, raises core pressure and enhances passion. cedrus, patchouli, tonka and amber completes this explosive flower dance in never ending moonlight.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink berries, Galbanum, Iris butter
Middle Notes: Cedar, Patchouli
Base notes: Musk, Amber, Tonka bean


My sacred divine.
Rooted below, the purest heart of the Radikal line is made out of this, the quintessence of Lotus, the sacred and divine. From the Cape of Good Hope shores, the powerful Freesia Rose, fused with the finest Saffron to deliver a remarkable, lightly spiced head note to ring warm and powerful. To encapsulate and illuminate with it’s heart, to grow passionate emotions in yours and blossom.

Top Notes: Guava, Pink Freesia , Saffron
Middle Notes: Rose Absolute, Pink lotus, Indian Jasmine
Base notes: Black Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla Pod


My irresistible, addictive fatal
Rebirth, an undeniable attraction the Water Lily is. It’s alchemical effects, beautifully sharpened when adding our unique blend of Occidental petals of Jasmine. With the raw strength of freesia rose, elevation and potent awakenings. Sandal wood and lemon zest mirror beautiful, innocent naivety achieving a complete story. All the brave extracts worthy the name.

Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Blackcurrant, Pink Freesia
Middle Notes: Peony, Cyclamen, Petals of Jasmine
Base notes: Crisp Amber, Indian Sandalwood

LM Radikal campaign is full of poetic and musical emotions and references:

With every order comes a gift. A secret key to unlock the inner sanctum of LM Radikal. Download the music, the poetry, the films and get passionate about the full creative vision. To inspire, the unique alchemical collaboration between master perfume maker Laurent Mazzone and artist Mattias Lindblom. The beating heart of LM Radikal – To ignite the full power of flowers.

Fragrances are accompanied by movies and poetic Journal, both in six Acts:


Act I – Awakenings – Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, January 2017

It’s early morning. R. It must be, R. I have unlearned what I’ve learned. Over the square as the snow falls, I see only summer and complexity. With every flake and how to achieve such beauty. I’m closer now. Loosing sleep to mere, feeling, being. I walk the sunrise, in silence. What if I dare to travel? And does it have to be physically?


Act II – Redefining Alchemy – Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, February 2017

It’s late by candlelight. What if, the ingredients are all wrong? The thinking to narrow? I see no limitations outside of my realm of thought. I’ve come to discover poetry, leading me back to my childhoods blossoming gardens and discovered that by including what I remember is method. What if I could remember the future? My heart accepts no compromises.


Act III – The In-Between – Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, March 2017

In my room. Last night, visions. A place begging no space. Womb like where being is growth. Existence. I remained for a while and took with me, everything. As I came to, the smell of roses. So powerful it was nauseating. Ever changing, evolving scents. I fear no evil in search for light, no darkness is dark enough. The work continues.


Act IV – Purgatory – Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, April 2017

The lake. What gates have I opened? One door leads to another, then another. Small chambers of definitive beauty pass me by. Some, I wouldn’t dare to describe. Endless rows of spaces. I pick ingredients from each and everyone. Will this take forever. Is it a forever journey? I must find out for it is exhilarating. I must deepen the work. Beckoning is but a memory. I’m inside now.


Act V – A letter – Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, April 2017

The study, noon. It didn’t come through regular channels. Not written in words. Walking through the park, as if by magic, the smell of trees. Would you believe? Intoxicated by nature I was filled with emotions. I was out the other side. Release. I can read now. I know my recipe is right, what it takes and I’m willing. A deeper knowledge, one warm embrace, my undying quest.


Act VI part I and II – Minor setback and giant revelation

Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, May 2017

The fire station. They are kind here and I know better now. The In-Between, so volatile. Careful to not cut corners. A charlatan I am not. New quarters give me moments of relief, yet demands more focus. At night I dream of flames. Temperatures. Increased passion to ignite, conduct. Achieve revelation. The embodiment of my work I bring from the In-Between. Accidental? Oh, a most fortunate disaster. Time is moving faster.

Laurent Mazzone, Grenoble, the very next day

The laboratory. I am one with what I have been lead to create. I am surrounded by it. It is complete. I remain home. I love harder now.

Mattias Lindblom

LM Radikal line will be officially launched at Esxence as Eaux de Parfum 100ml, 210 EUR – you can discover “R” universe at dedicated LM Parfums page.

Pictures and quotes – LM Parfums. Look for our review soon!

Special thank you to both LM Parfums and its Italian distributor – Aquacosmetics SRL.