In the next part of Persefume‘s Esxence – The Scent of Excellence previews, we are presenting upcoming fragrances by quirky and innovative Italian brand Homoelegans founded by Maurizio Piazzi and Francesco Gini. After brave and unexpected debuting scents Tadzio and Quality of Flesh composed with perfumer Michele Marin and solar white flowers of Maurizio Cerizza‘s Paloma y Raices, soon we can expect two new creations: Song For a Rising Sun and Ivre de Vie.

Full Homoelegans line-up


Song For a Rising Sun pays hommage to Hippies and the Flower Children’ lifesyle with their love for community life, pacifism, sexual liberation and psychedelic drugs. The fragrance evokes bright colours, nature, sounds of 1967’s The Summer of Love, or the Woodstock concert. All about spirituality and freedom!
(Persefume’s interpretation based on brand’s materials)

Take off your shoes and walk with us in this flowered meadow. Let yourself be caressed by the wind and smell the scent of the morning. Here we sing a song of hope towards the rising sun. No more schemes. no more rules. We want to find out who we really are. Let us be wrong with our excesses, you will find our path is already written. The time of life is our most precious good. Feel it. Live it.

Top Notes Lemon, Mown Grass, Pineapple Leaves, Roman Chamomile, Elemi
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Cumin, Hashish, Whiskey
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar wood, Amber, Musk


Ivre de Vie has bee inspired by life and personality of Edith Piaf – her songs, mimics, bohemian life. This fragrance evokes Parisian lifestyle of her era, singer’s sensibility and vulnerbility.
(Persefume’s interpretation based on brand’s materials)

Light hugs her in the dark. her sharp voice blooms. Edith Piaf, tiny heart of rose in a whirlwind life. The sound of the thickest emotions carved in vinyl. The voracity of the joy of living that satisfies and inebriates. An intoxication that blends the darkest colors of dazzling memories. Dream of a life completely devoted to love. nothing to explain. nothing to deny.


Top Notes Cassis, Blackberry, Rose Liqueur, Grape Skins
Heart Notes: Rose, Geranium, Linden Flowers, Vinyl
Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Birch, White Musk

We haven’t smelled new creations just yet (for now we have also decided not to revel perfumers for more suspense), but we will cover the whole brand in our “He says, she says” series after the Esxence show. Soon you can also expect other reviews by e.g. Marina Donato‘s BeautyMarinaD and Miguel Matos of Fragrantica.

Pictures and quotes – HOMOELEGANS, grazie!