Worlds of perfumes and spirits have lot in common – it is all about self-indulgence, the art of combining several ingredients, moment of peace and luxury… We already wrote about Arnd Henning Heissen’s Ritz Carlton Fragrance Bar informing about special Pantheon Roma cocktail and now this worldwide famous Ritz Carlton’s mixologist is proposing us something totally new!

Arnd Henning Heissen (left) and Valeriya Fridman (right) of Botanical Fusion

Mr Heissen has joined his forces with Valeriya Fridman, ISIPCA perfumery institute in Versailles graduate who also worked for Christian Dior Thailand and Marie Le Febvre’s Berlin-based Urban Scents. This dynamic duo has created completely new project: Botanical Fusion.
Botanical Fusion is the first ever concept offering high quality and 100 % natural flavor extracts which can recreate parfume in form of a cocktail. All you need is to add few drops of selected BF extracts into the drink to achieve unique effect!


Botanical Fusion Extracts are available as 15ml dropper bottles in eight variations: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Jasmin, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Pine and Mandarin.

We have created the company in order to enhance the experience of the guests or consumer. Since our taste and smell perceptions are related to each other the consumer can enjoy the drink with one more sense which is smelling. Botanical Fusion provides exclusive Extracts which are inspired by fragrances and so we transfer it into completely new environment. Besides that the presentation of perfumes can be appreciated more than just within a usual department store or perfumery house where people are overwhelmed by thousends of different fragrances and brands. Valeriya Fridman, CEO of Botanical Fusion for Persefume


Arnd Henning Heissen has created special cocktails using BF extracts and recreating effects of orange blossom, or vetiver-centred perfumes – you can find all recipes on brand’s webpage.

Dia Des Los Muertos cocktail by Arnd Henning Heissen for Botanical Fusion

In the other news, Ritz Carlton was recently a place of another interesting event: launch of Zacapa Royal Rum. For this occasion, apart of special cocktail and dessert, perfumer Marie Le Fevbre of Urban Scents created Zacapa Royal Scented Candle with comforting aromas of vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, nutmeg and oakmoss. This special edition can be also purchased on Botanist Fusion’s page (65 EUR, 200g).

Zacapa Royal Scented Candle by Urban Scents

Botanist Fusion Extracts are available in 15ml dropper bottle, prices vary from 36,90 EUR to 49,90 EUR (e-shop)..

Thank you to Botanist Fusion for those exclusive news!