Persefume always had soft spot for Olfactive Studio scents. This French house founded by Céline Verleure is presenting its new fragrance Flash Back in New York , available from late February 2018.
Vivienne Gucwa‘s picture of New York has served as the main inspiration behind the debuting creation, this time composed by renowned perfumer Jérôme Epinette of Robertet (newcomer in the Olfactive Studio‘s universe).

New York, New York. This fiction-like city, overflowing with cinematic tales and famous refrains, powerful images and nagging tunes, is where Olfactive Studio chose to stop over.The perfect destination for calling up the nostalgia that perfume so keenly conjures. Past the Hudson in the heart of Manhattan, total immersion, New York-style, is a guarantee of unique sights and singular sensations. New York is one of the most photographed and photogenic cities in the world. An open-air film set, a stage for stories of all kinds. The olfactory story, as told by this fragrance house, coaxes out the magnetic city’s multiple personalities.

Flash Back in New York – photo by Vivienne Gucwa

Flash Back in New York is the second fragrance, after Still Life in Rio, to choose a city andits architecture as a point of departure, which strike a pose, long enough for the fragrance to be created. The approach is a testimony of affection. To evoke the essence of New York, through a perfume no less, one must love it madly and have created many a memory there (to be precise). Perfumer Jérôme Epinette, working for the first time with Olfactive Studio, lives and works in the city. Photographer Vivienne Gucwa, whose image graces the bottle never fails to revea through her lens that certain New York je ne sais quoi, somewhere between the Brownstones and the buildings, the soul that belongs to New York alone. It is in the wake of a snowy avenue, bathed in a warm nocturnal light, an illuminated Chrysler Building just visible in the distance, where Flash Back in New York gets its bearings. Its composition pays perfect tribute to this city that stops for nothing, even the fiercest of blizzards. New York is like fire under ice, and demands a composition fitting its excessiveness, its astonishing possibilities. New York combines emotions and heightens them, with a taste for play and a sense of daring. Flash Back in New York is a fine likeness, penetrated with strong notes that give it a singular presence, one that lingers in the memory. A perfume of contrasts for a land that asserts its perpetual differences, to be experienced with neither precaution nor pretext. Dizzying.

The element of surprise is one of the NY’s trademarks. At once exuberant and full of contrasts, Flash Back in New York starts with an energetic blend of cumin, saffron, and sage. The first wave of emotion segues into a captivating heart note to the beat of violet and jasmine, and a note of Tuscan leather that lends warmth to the composition. The fragrance swiftly evolves into a slow and graceful movement toward a warm woody and addictive accord of smoked birch, papyrus, and vetiver.

Top Notes: Cumin, Clary Sage, White Linen, Saffron
Heart Notes: Violet, Tuscan Leather, Jasmine
Base Notes: Birch smoke, Papyrus, Vetiver, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Jérôme Epinette of Robertet

Flash Back in New York – photo by Roberto Greco

Olfactive Studio Flash Back in New York will be available as Eau de Parfum 50 and 100ml(90-140 EUR) from the company’s e-boutique and all authorized stockists.

Pictures and quotes – Olfactive Studio, thank you!