Another surprise from Italian artist Filippo Sorcinelli: the new X SÉ Collection of four “extraits de perversion” which explore different aspects of human sexuality. Persefume is here to bring you more news.

Sexuality is a fundamental and integral part of the human being. Losing oneself in the silence of one’s intimacy means being able to look beyond (Latin “transgredi”), that is, going beyond the limits of what is lawful. It is therefore right to investigate, to analyze and discover, also through smells, what is considered to be a break in a social pattern. Breaking the stereotype, and the price to pay is that of diversity.

Filippo Sorcinelli opens a new collection of four fragrances with an ambiguous and graphically provocative name X SÉ ready to differentiate the man himself from the others around him. We discover ourselves and accuse ourselves, we recognize ourselves and justify ourselves, in the meanders where sexuality is regulated by fantasies and imagination; and the desire to experience a certain type of eroticism reveals an absolutely transgressive dimension in all human beings.

Four smells enclosed in 30 ml bottles in “roll-on” version, experienced first of all as an intimate, isolated, silent gesture, far from false respectability. Four small sculptures, from the industrial pack and entirely handmade, also by Filippo himself, using materials usually used in the electrical and hydraulic fields. Sheaths for radiators melted with the blowtorch, other heat-shrinkable, with clear and clear colors, clamps that block latex flaps. All enclosed in “ambiguous” black boxes molded in yellow, red, black or blue that open “reveal” images and articulate the project one by one. Four perfumes for (or for?) Themselves that slowly release all their power, materializing gestures, events, places and sensations. Four profound and true analyzes, which for the first time and shamelessly recount the needs, desires and their own manifestations of human pleasure, in its complex erotic dimension, and which today has more possibilities to represent itself as “normal” or as an “extrait de perversion“.

The X SÉ collection abandons social and cultural stereotypes, describing the smells of a sexuality that represents for the human being the maximum expression of well-being, where the idea of erotic pleasure and the individualistic dimension of orgasm cannot fail to transcend. personal and intimate impulses: images and fantasies that follow one another whirlwind. Emotions, carnal games, sometimes animalistic that do not need to be understood but only expressed and experienced. Human smells that transfigure the real concept of perfume linked only to Beauty, changing the erotic-sexual well-being. Experiencing eroticism means feeling serene and capable of representing yourself, in an exponential act of personalism, one of the most selfish we have ever known.

The gesture of the roll-on is to combine the scent with the skin to share it with others at a later time: only afterwards, slowly, can you also feel the countless evolutions of its hidden scent. Yes, because perfumery can also be a vehicle for investigating the truths of man, not just a pure and mere commercial operation. This is why the four smells, older than the ancient, trace a new way of thinking, and, despite their overwhelming truth, they will be one even for those who do not want to know …

Perfumes in the X SÉ collection are:


SUBJECT: Mandarin, pink grapefruit, juniper berries, neroli
AGAINST SUBJECT: Rosemary flowers, lavender, cyclamen, almond blossom, spices
TAIL: Vanilla bean, tonka bean, ambrette, vetiver, precious woods, cedar wood

It is the smell of imaginative relaxation, it is the set of the most intimate ideas of self-activation and induction to well-being, it is an addiction, that is addiction, a sexual correspondence without filters but with the filter-wall of one’s own environmental ray. It is the dense noise of a PC fan that releases olfactory sounds of electronics distributing them on a pulsating skin wet from the hormonal variations of desire.


SUBJECT: Red apple, nashi pear, sweet almond, mint leaves
AGAINST SUBJECT: Pitosforo, orchidea, magnolia, davana
TAIL: Coniferous wood, aromatic woods

It is the amazing smell of euphoria that frames it, and that refers to its synthesis that originated in the nineteenth century. It is that short but intense effect that uninhibits and makes you shake your head and madness. Thirty seconds of psychedelic imagination, of ascents and descents towards unexpected colors and geometric-sensorial and perceptive patterns far from the lucid and everyday experience.

sligthly-b! tch

SUBJECT: Leather, bitter orange, clementine, green almond, crisp mint
AGAINST SUBJECT: Hawthorn, ylang ylang, labdanum, mugworth
TAIL: cedarwood, pinewood

It is the smell of “artisanal” nights, of the countryside plowed by the tires of cars burned by improvised fires on a state road. It is that low-cost smudged lipstick, that nose placed on skimpy clothes with a strong smell of under-brand detergent, but which give sudden emotions, those of an excited youthful imagination.


SUBJECT: Smoky notes, warm spices, cloves
AGAINST SUBJECT: Patchouli, amyris, black pepper, vetiver
TAIL: copahu balm, gurjun balm, guaiac wood, cedar wood, precious woods.

It is the smell of the nocturnal myth, repeated in code all over the world, since ancient times. It is the ritual that allows those who are part of it to recognize themselves, consciously or not, as belonging, to have initiated it, to use it, not to be able to do without it. It is that hidden, underground space, with inaccessible and dark passages, with moldy walls and full of ephemeral pleasure, where personal stardom is abandoned to make room for one’s own nakedness without ever questioning who one really is.

All four X SÉ creations will debut today at Filippo Sorcinelli’s e-store as Extraits de Parfum 30ml roll-on (130 EUR each) and will be available later on at the official brand’s stockists.

Quotes and pictures – Filippo Sorcinelli Team, thank you!