Mysterious Filippo Sorcinelli‘s universe of perfumes will soon be enriched by the new Délire de Voyage collection which joins UNUM, Extrait de Musique (ex-SAUF) and Nebbia lines. Our Persefume is happy to bring you worldwide preview of Epicentro – the first chapter of this unique series.

Délire de Voyage is dedicated to the multi-sensory and artistic experiences that spring from emotions. Delirium is a journey, because, from its proper meaning, it is our “outside furrow”, the one who takes us out of normality, even through real life experiences. A series of limited editions that not only have the task of guarding an exclusive product but, through the product itself, it will make a synaesthetic journey that has never been faced to date.

Filippo Sorcinelli, the first curious visitor, spreads his experiences as a great echo that overwhelms and propagates.Filippo comes from the Marche region, which is largely affected by the seismic swarm of 2016 and 2017. The earthquake will be the first theme of Délire de Voyage.
Epicentro Extrait de Parfum, is the fragrance dedicated to this phenomenon and in particular to Bolognola, a small town of 138 inhabitants, the highest in the Marche Region, located at the center of the Monti Sibillini National Park, seriously affected by the earthquake.


The earthquake is a particularly disruptive and violent event, which enters with arrogance into the lives of those involved, taking possession of their “normality” in a few seconds. External earthquakes increase our own inner earthquakes: it is as if, with the loss of the safety of the earth beneath our feet, a profound internal tremor is determined, as a consequence. Fear and suffocation from dust is the first step, escape the second, leaving everything: objects, memories, essential goods, desperately trying to find refuge outside. The sight is blurred, eyes and throat irritated by the dust caused by the collapses; we try to find in the desperation a small and faint light, which will become the only reference point. Epicentro wants to be the reaction: to become aware of what has happened, process it and react through the security of a thought linked to Beauty.

Epicentro is a true artistic installation rich in emotions that induces to enter actively within the artwork, through the stimuli contained that activate all five senses. The bottle is positioned on a base that simulates the vibrations perceived during the earthquake and has, as a precious closure, the faithful reproduction of a fragment of the debris of the municipality of Bolognola, collected by Filippo Sorcinelli during his first visit. Epicentro therefore, does not want to be just a fragrance but an entire project to help the population of Bolognola, so that it can go back to being “Bononia”, or the land of good things.

Filippo Sorcinelli Délire de Voyage‘s Epicentro will be available as Extrait de Parfum – as always, brand does not disclose scent’s notes – we are expecting to smell it soon during Esxence – The Scent of Excellence in Milano!

Pictures and quotes – Filippo Sorcinelli and his Team. Grazie!