We have teased it in the recent UNUM post and now it is time to make it official: Italian artist, musician and designer Filippo Sorcinelli responsible for ecclesiastic LAVS tailoring and two successful perfume projects – UNUM and SAUF will present his third fragrance brand: Nebbia. Learn about it first on our Persefume.

Filippo Sorcinelli

Three initial Nebbia (Fog) fragrances: Spessa, Densa and Fitta have been secretly previewed at Pitti Fragranze in Florence and they will debut in stores from 2 November 2017 as Extraits de Parfum 50ml. It should be noted that name of the brand is simply Nebbia while the additional Italian word “Profumo” shown on project’s fanpage has been chosen just by its intriguing sound.

Campaign of Nebbia Spessa

Filippo Sorcinelli tells us about Nebbia:

A new series of three fragrances dedicated to this interesting phenomenon that since ever has fascinated, moved and welcomed me. Those who know my photography will completely understand this encounter which took place in absolute coherence, along the fine line of life and limit. I walk, leaving behind me the last houses and the last lights, I go deep into the forest. I walk along an unknown road and the edges start to mix up and blend. I take a never seen direction and everything starts to wave, the contours are shaded, the noises are cosy but above all, it is me who is waving and fading. Together with the need of finding a path I need to find into it the meaning of the life, of the things of being alive.

Campaign of Nebbia Densa

NEBBIA is the lack of references and measures that exponentially stimulate every sense, everywhere, whether alone or with a friend.We and the trees are now the inhabitants of this natural setting, where every fence gets shot down. All of a sudden the things are braided, the trimmings are confused, doubts arise, what before seemed clear and far away, now becomes smoky; the space expands and gets smaller, the chronology blows up; what was usual is now strange, what was familiar becomes extraneous and disturbing; something never seen before suddenly arises and take an unexpected form; beyond the borders of confidence the uncertainty appears; the well-known is now undistinguished and from it any new form could start; the object becomes obscure and the subject just takes wild shots in the dark, with unsteady footsteps, like in a labyrinth.

Campaign of Nebbia Fitta

We start to question not just what is in front of us, but also of yourself; not just the world, but also the self is distressed by an extended disorientation; everything seems to be suspended and held, about to disappear and being sucked in, the feeling of loss and confusion, there is nothing we can do. The deformation of things and their dissimulation creates thin anguishes. The mystery is the key and leaves a strange taste in mouth. NEBBIA is clothing for boundaries, for erased borders, for uncertain steps.It fades away the differences in the ages of life, it eclipses the thoughts and make us lose the solemnity of the common point of view. While spreading out in the wood, NEBBIA induce to stay hidden, to disguise.It embraces everything and make a continuous metamorphosis, wherever, until a symbolic threshold of imagery and always be reborn. Rite of passage. In the subtle anguish, in the uncommon light we our squinted eyes, we try to breath. This being without limits want to be contained into the scent of that moment. In these pure places, the weight of our history doesnโ€™t exist anymore, we are absent and at the same time leaders of that silence that and let us alone, in the brief but complete evocation of an opaque desert, which is translator of the absence, let us listen to the freedom of abandonment and to the final surrender of a gesture that wants to touch. NEBBIA is the portrait of the air moving inside the mystery, silent thrill crossing the upset minds; impalpable noise that moves our look in a parallel, rarefied, deformable, suspended and emotional world.

First three Nebbia fragrances are:


NEBBIA spessa (deep) in the invisible sea where we sail, mixing instant fear and convulsive pleasure, between salt revulsion and pleasure, moving the border of the never stopping and floating oneโ€™s self. Suffocated by a dull and far away sound that changes and suffers, enjoys and dies, and born again always remaining a bit high and suspended.

Notes: Marine lichen, Aquatic Notes, Dewy accord


NEBBIA densa (dense) extension of a branch fallen in the wet moss and sailed by our stumbling steps among the trees that move the cathedral of mistery, with no horizons. The measure of things, the everyday breath, are missing, in the dark green iced by the thin clouds reshaping all the forms with a dump proud.

Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Botanical Moss, Palo Santo Wood, Dewy Accord


NEBBIA fitta (thick), where iron and stones along the river have soaked the oxygen. The nothing becomes a dusty being, a travel to the impossible and clinging to that wet and rusty support. Approaches your hand, close your eyes and listen to the silence all around.

Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Precious Woods, Wet Earth Accord

Look for Nebbia‘s debut in November 2017 – Persefume‘s reviews will come shortly! We love Nebbia’s packaging – from caps to glittering liquid resembling fog effect. It can also be added that brand’s name is

Info and pictures – Filippo Sorcinelli for Nebbia Profumo, thank you!