In the neglected Hôtel de Rohan in the Marais district of Paris, Philippe Di Méo , the founder of French niche perfume house Liquides Imaginaires and Julien Benhamou, renowned photographer of the Paris Opera created Élévation – the movie and photography project giving Liquides Imaginaires‘ fragrances truly spiritual embodiment. Persefume brings you exclusive details on this project revealing the official visuals and behind the scenes pictures.

Dancers Utku Bal and Valentin Regnault for Liquides Imaginaires Élévation

The poem “Élévation” by Charles Baudelaire was the starting point of this project. Both artists successfully inspired three dancers: Utku Bal, Calista Ruat, Valentin Regnault and cellist Sebastien Grandgambe (who created original music for the project), in the neglected decor of the mansion, as Philippe Di Méo does with his perfumers: poetry, references to dark romanticism and a large portion of artistic freedom.

meo by greco
Philippe Di Méo – photo by Roberto Greco

I have individual and aesthetic vision of perfume. For me, it is an internal vibration, an intercessor between the material and immaterial worlds, between meaning and essence, which elevates us to a higher reality. Liquides Imaginaires breaks away from the traditional perfumery archetypes. It is committed to the idea that perfume belongs more to the beautiful than to beauty itself, that the dialogue of the senses and the spirit lead the way to imaginary worlds. This is expressed through marginal accords, which are sometimes disturbing. The creation of this film follows on my other artistic partnerships including those with photographer Daniel Sannwald, designer Sébastien Carré and author Jean-Baptiste Del Amo. Philippe Di Méo of Liquides Imaginaires

Both in the movie and pictures, three dancers entered a state of elevation – let’s see the final effects of this creative project:

Liquides Imaginaires Élévation – The Movie

CALISTA RUAT ┬ęJulien Benhamou
Calista Ruat for Liquides Imaginaires Élévation – photo by Julien Benhamou

UTKU BAL ┬ęJulien Benhamou
Utku Bal for Liquides Imaginaires Élévation – photo by Julien Benhamou

Valentin Regnault for Liquides Imaginaires Élévation – photo by Julien Benhamou

Les danseurs découvrent l'odeur du tournage
Photographer Julien Benhamou with dancers Calista Ruat and Valentin Regnault

Derrière l'objectif
Julien Benhamou, Philippe Di Méo and his team during Élévation shooting

Persefume would like to thank Philippe Di Méo and Vincent Moulinet of Liquides Imaginaires for this exclusive preview. More brand’s novelties coming soon.