Italian artist and musician Filippo Sorcinelli is continuing his fragrant journey. This Spring, in the middle of pandemic, he has unveiled Délire de Voyage Notre-Dame 15.4.2019 – but it is UNUM Collection which started his scented path. Every year Filippo is presenting the new, big story in the UNUM universe – e.g. in 2018 it was Hannibal Lecter’s but_not_today, in 2019 we explored the world of opera with Maria Callas and _Quando_rapita_in_estasi. Now it is time for the new UNUM chapter: _scusami_ – the act of apologising in the bottle.
As always, Persefume is bringing you all the details on this launch.

We will let Mr Sorcinelli speak himself about _scusami_

Haunted by the remorse,
in the wrath of destiny.
And the anger grows.
Unexpected wounds mark silence
Violence and steam.
Nobody wants to talk.

The inhumanity of life leads to dryness
To not know humility
Not to recognize the faults
To wither
To numb the pain.

But only that pain experienced and full of signs,
heals and sculpts the memory,
only the scratches caused by the anguish of how to ask for forgiveness
shape any choice.

And cry with a courage that moves the colors of change,
giving painful flowers
and breath on the petals.

A clear, dry and powerful word in its simplicity.
Or superfluous. It’s almost a syllable, more than a word.
Not everyone is able to apologize when they make a mistake: but almost always, it is the best way to end a conflict.
Apologizing or asking for forgiveness is too often interpreted as an act of submission, of weakness, pushing us to continue on our own path, fast in our daily life, in order not to give in to the humiliation of being wrong or even more to work inside oneself to self-analyze, acknowledge one’s mistakes, and finally to know how to ask for forgiveness. They are tortuous passages, which create scars and painful grooves inside one’s soul.
But change is necessary and requires character, courage, personality and a sense of justice. The ability to apologize is typical of self-confident people, who are not afraid to ‘stoop’ and humble themselves, but on the contrary are sure that they can improve and not repeat the mistake.

_scusami_ promotional video – apart of Mr Sorcinelli and Dach Dermur VIII you can notice here few familiar faces… e.g. Aivaras from Crime Passionnel perfumery in Copenhagen and even myself, Jakub of Persefume saying “przepraszam” (sorry).

Sincere apologies are the consequence of a reflection, of a profound exchange of opinions: it is necessary that they come from the heart, and that they have passed through the brain and mouth after having made pindaric flights also made of suffering and wounds.

Learning to apologize also shows the fullness of dignity of the person because the individual who can forgive, in a certain way, recognizes that he can do better than he has done and that he can change because he is worth much more than his actions.

_scusami_ is a form of oblivion composed of a large bouquet that reconstructs the memory, frees us from a past that does not want to go away but only through it that we take leave of the past and can project ourselves more consciously into the future. They are past flowers that pierce and are lost, in the most humble, dense and true forgiveness.

The materic bottle evokes the whole emotional journey, combined with difficulties and sacrifice. But at the same time, with its chameleonic color, it wants to indicate the necessary change that culminates in the fullness of its content.

Filippo Sorcinelli wanted to emphasize his project also through the support and collaboration of many friends who donated their Scusami_ in their native language, including Dach Dermur VIII,important artist, performer and musician from London.


SUBJECT: Amber, Ambrette, Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Fruity Musks.

BACK SUBJECT: Cassis, Ylang Ylang, Freesia, Liquid icing sugar, Lily of the Valley, Rose

TAIL: Mirabella Plum, Lemon, Bergamot, Heliotrope, Grapefruit

Filippo Sorcinelli UNUM Collection_scusami_ Extrait de Parfum 100ml debuts today at creator’s e-boutique (180EUR) and will be available shortly at all authorized brand’s retailers.

Pictures and quotes by Filippo Sorcinelli. Thank you to Mr Sorcinelli and his Team for this exclusive preview!