SANTI BURGAS is preparing exciting launch for the upcoming Esxence – The Scent of Excellence exhibition. This Catalan fragrance house run by perfumer Santiago Burgas Bou has joined forces with renowned nose Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Givaudan’s Vice President of Perfumery. The result of this unique collaboration is Palindrome Collection of two symbolic and mysterious perfumes. Persefume is happy to bring you exclusive preview of those novelties.


A palindrome is a word or phrase that can be read the same way backward or forward, often possessing a mysterious or mystical meaning. Palindromes are also believed to cast a protective effect on the reader. The white canvas established by Santi Burgas’ White Collection has been darkened, resulting in stark black bottles for the new Palindrome collection. Only the logo remains in white as a symbol of eternal resistance, the outer black colour acting as a protective shield for the luminous liquid inside.

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Both Palindrome fragrances are full of light and hope, and patiently await to be released, delivering a message of harmony and peace. We have asked Mr Santiago Burgas Bou about the idea of collaboration with master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux:

I met Rodrigo in Florence three years ago and we got on very well. Last year we finally had the opportunitty to work together and the Palindrome Collection was born in the beginning of 2017. We both were very enthusiastic about the idea of creating a perfume following the concept of the palindrome, and the result has been not one, but two Palindrome perfumes to enlighten our clients!


Palindrome I is the first perfume conceived as a palindrome, as it can be discovered both backwards or forward. Just like reading a palindrome in both directions and without pausing, Palindrome I remains immutable: once the lighter citrus notes have subsided, the warm, incense-laden heart reveals itself like a protective mantra. Intoxicating balsams and ambery accents can then be felt, while the luminous opening surprisingly reappears, ushered by the robustly rich woodiness of Ambermax.


Notes of Palindrome I: Sicilian lemon, Sicilian mandarin, cocoa beans, Somalian frankincense, tolu balsam, Ethiopian opoponax, Andalusian cistus, ambrette seeds, vanilla bean tincture, sandalwood & Venezuelan tonka beans.


Palindrome II works as a palindrome in a different way. This fragrance revolves around a solid and powerful woody axis of patchouli, which can be felt from the first to the last stages of its evolution. A warm and spicy touch of black pepper, cardamom and ginger enhance the heart notes. Still shining because of a resilient sparkle of Calabrian bergamot. Unexpected nuances of angelica roots, intoxicating sugar cane and leather accords complete the picture.


Notes of Palindrome II: Calabrian bergamot, angelica roots, sugar cane, white and black pepper, Nigerian ginger, Ceylonese cardamom, Castoreum, Chinese osmanthus, Maltese labdanum, cinnamon tree leaves, leather accord, patchouli & Mexican vanilla beans.

Both SANTI BURGASS Palindrome scents will be available from May 2017 as Eaux de Parfum 100ml.

Quotes and pictures – SANTI BURGAS, thank you for the preview!