Less than two weeks ago we have reviewed Gustave Eiffel Parfums line as part of our Persefume‘s hit “He says, she says” series. Today we would like to announce new addition to this collection: La Rivière des Parfums which will debut later this week at Esxence – The Scent of Excellence.

La Rivière des Parfums is an evocation of a river in Asia where Gustave Eiffel built a bridge.

Like along the banks of a river where flowers and fruits spread in the wind, the fragrance opens with notes of green tea and honey, while in the heart the osmanthus, the carnation, the rosewood, the peach are revealed in a elegant and bright way. Finally the oriental notes enhance the character of this spicy floral fragrance with fruity notes.

Perfumer: Hervé Bruno

Top notes: Green Tea, Honey
Heart notes: Osmanthus, Carnation, Rosewood, Peach
Base notes: Oriental and fruity accords

As in case of other Gustave Eiffel , La Rivière des Parfums will be available in two lines” the prestigious and artistic coffret with Extrait de Parfum at 35 % of concentration and the bell box with Eau de Parfum at 20% of concentration.

Pictures and quotes: merci to Corinne Perrin of Fragrance Collection.