Gucci surprised many perfumistas with non-conformist, truly niche masculine Gucci Guilty Absolute, recently followed by feminine, less revolutionary, but truly well-made Gucci Absolute Pour Femme.
The duo composed by Alberto Morillas based on creative vision of Alessandro Michele shares zero resemblance with the initial, quite generic Gucci Guilty series and shows that brand has regained its edge, for many lost with discontinuations of Tom Ford’s era classics e.g. Gucci Pour Homme, Envy, or Rush. Here comes the great news: both Gucci Absolute are going to be joined by the third member of this small family: Gucci Guilty Oud!

Gucci Guilty trio by Alberto Morillas

Gucci is already offering Oud scents (feminine Gucci Oud and masculine Gucci Intense Oud), but the new launch will be actually based on signature notes of both Gucci Absolute fragrances, but with added Oriental twist!

Under Alessandro Michele’s creative vision, master perfumer Alberto Morillas reinterprets the distinguished resin of Oud in a contemporary rendition: the oriental scent is combined with the signature notes of Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme and Pour Femme. Mysterious and elegant, Gucci Guilty Oud is inspired by a walk in a forest. Top notes of blackberry, pink pepper and Bulgarian rose reflect the woods’ romantic aura, while the misty shaded areas are expressed through earthy notes of Golden Wood, patchouli and cypriol. The blend of dark ambery notes, leather and natural Oud add an enigmatic feel to the scent. The result is an exotic, smoky, sensual and leathery fragrance.

Gucci Guilty Oud is aready available in Gucci E-Boutique as Eau de Parfum 90ml (145 EUR).

Photos and quotes – Gucci.