Last week Esxence- The Scent of Excellence banner has appeared on our webpage. It can mean only one thing – Persefume Magazine becomes again the official Esxence’s Media Partner!

Upcoming edition is truly special: it marks 10 years of the leading international Artistic Perfumery event! Between 5-8 April 2018 more than 200 exclusive brands plus professionals and perfume enthusiasts will gather again in Milanese The Mall (Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, Porta Nuova) to celebrate this success and passion for both niche fragrances and skincare products (Esxkin – The Excellence of Beauty section). Four days of the unique and unmissable expo will be accompanied by calendar of interesting events which reached more than 7.000 attendees during the last edition.

Esxence has proven its ability to forge an identity and a consistent profile for international Artistic Perfumery, becoming its most important meeting place and incubator of opportunities. It is now a thriving organism that can count on hundreds of activists worldwide and thousands of faithful consumers. It has watched as the sector’s turnovers have grown by double figure percentages in the ten years that it has acted as its guide and inspiration” states Esxence co-founder Silvio Levi. “As a consequence of our work, this quality perfumery has become much better known by the public, but there has also been an increase in awareness of our sector’s aesthetic and innovative value inducing us to talk in terms of true art. Over the centuries, perfume has progressed from being an element perdition, an expression of devilry associated with sinfulness to being not only accepted, but a means of expression that speaks about us and our style. Others ‘recognise’ us not only for our appearance and how we speak, but also for our fragrance. Behind the handful of great perfumes and among the many that are merely good there often hides a history as complex as it is alluring. With seven notes you can write both a pop song and a Beethoven symphony: the raw materials are the same, but the results are diametrically opposite. For a perfumer, on the other hand, a solfeggio is far longer and more complicated than for a musician, because he has to be familiar with more than 3,000 ‘notes’ and will use at least 300 of them constantly. Maybe that explains why only a few have so far given mankind true masterpieces of the olfactory art, but the time has now come for them to be attributed the same importance as we have long given to painting or to music.”

Current Content and Media Partners of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2018 – what a great company!

“We have forged the cult of creative perfumery, adds Maurizio Cavezzali, president of Equipe International and co-founder of Esxence. “hese days, the world looks to us in its attempt to understand the sector’s latest trends and who is making them happen. Ours has been a very dedicated task, involving a great deal of research, to create an independent event that has proved itself with the very high quality of its proposals 85% of the world’s most relevant brands now pass through this event every year. And there is more: Esxence acts as the springboard for emerging brands who want to make their mark. Only those who really have what it takes succeed in winning a place here so that they can then grow, like the numerous emerging brands that have become famous since starting out at Esxence. We are capable of doing this in what is still a niche market, so one where there are enormous margins for growth and plenty of potential.”

As always Persefume will provide you with all dedicated Esxence news, exclusive previews, summaries of the most interesting events, best-of reports and our signature A-Z launches list. To stay updated please check our webpage, fanpage and Instagram account. To check growing list of #esxence10 exhibitors visit following link. See you in Milano!

Quotes and pictures – Esxence. Special thank you to Equipe International Team!